Strategic Direction


 The MIHOSO International (Formerly Mission of Hope) 2023-2027 Strategic Plan (SP) is to ensure beneficiaries’ needs are catered for, MIHOSO Staff understand content and process, Board Members blessings is given and partners buy into the 5-year strategic direction. 
The MSP (2023-27) is a reflection exercise and consultation with all relevant groups within the 2016 fiscal year. Several retreats with different stakeholders and this enabled stakeholders appraised the Programme achievements, development opportunities, challenges and lessons learnt in 2012-2016 SP, leading to the development of the current Strategic plan for MIHOSO. 
The main sources of data and information for the preparation of this SP were generated from contributions from key beneficiaries, participants of projects, staff, partners and other stakeholders through interactive sessions including annual, research and Monitoring & Evaluation reports.


MIHOSO is focusing on seven thematic areas in development within its operational regions in Ghana. The same of enhanced services may be offered in newly identified regions or countries in intends to operate. The seven areas are;
1. Public health
2. Basic and Secondary Education 
3. Sustainable community development and social entrepreneurship
4. Research and Advocacy 
5. Human rights and social protection
6. Sustainable agriculture and environmental governance
7. Local governance and social accountability
8. Networking and partnerships.


1. Use our strong logistical base to take advantage of the strong grassroots constituency to provide public health social development services.
2. Use our experience working with multiple donors to create a strong network base to reach out more support to improve the quality of life for Women, Youth, Children and Socially Marginalized.
3. Use our available ADP zonal offices and good will to take advantage of the strong grassroots support (both politically and traditionally) and offer social enterprise services to SMEs.
4. Use our available human resources both technical and skilled based to increase our credibility and visibility.
5. Use our good will and legal status to offer Specialized community and organizational development consultancy
6. Promote human rights and access to services in health, governance and agriculture.


1. To advocate and support the Government of Ghana (GoG) to build a well decentralised mental and reproductive health systems that ensures quality, non-discrimination, affordable and client-centred services by 31st December, 2027.
2. To strengthen community structures to support functional business literacy, basic and secondary education to improve the socio-economic development in MIHOSO’s operational areas by 2027.
3. To support social enterprise services in communities and provide consultancy to SMEs.
4. To promote human rights, protect and support socially excluded, vulnerable and marginalised people in MIHOSO’s operational areas by 2027 to access services and Justice.
5. To increase alternative livelihood opportunities in the agriculture and environment sectors for youth and women groups by 2027. 
6. To effectively strengthen “MIHOSO Community and Organisational Development (M-COD) Model” to offer comprehensive socio-economic consultancy services to communities and institutions by 2027.